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Subject: Extra MoneyDisclaimer: This story includes gay sex(m/m) between two guys at a high
school. If this affends you or if you are not of legal age to read this story
then please do not read any further. This story is a work of fiction. None of
the characters in this story are gay (to my knowledge) and I have not done
any of this with them, although I am still hoping. …….
It was the end of the year and everyone was signing books and talking about
the future. I was had one thing on my mind, that was to somehow get the man I
desired all through highschool, josh. I wasn’t sure just how I was going to
do this though because it would take a mircale for him to want me.One day feeling very confident I walked up to him and asked him to sign my
book and to my surprise he did. And whats more he even left a little piece of
paper. It said “Scott I know you want me and that you need some money so give
me a call and maybe we can arrange something.” Right then and there I Preteen Toplist Xxx
died. Needless to say I went straight home and called him. He told me that
saturday his faimly was going out of town and that he would be there to pick
me up at noon.I waited and waited for saturday to come and it didn’t come soon enough. But
when it did I was plenty ready. Just as he said at about noon he came and
picked me up. We went to his house to “hang out”.Boy was I surprised when we
got there.He opened the door and there was about seven people there waiting for us. I
asked him what was going on and said “well if you want to make some real
money then you need more then one customer so I took the liberty of gathering
you up some business.” I was was mind boggled at this great offer set in
fornt of me. Ofcourse I jumped at the offer and asked who was first. The
first one to jump out of the line was brad.Brad is about 6′7″ and blonde hair blue eyes. He is very well built and
extremly sexy. as I walked up to him I asked “so what way would you like it
standing up sitting down or lying down?” He answered “your going to do this
in front of everyone” I laughed and said ofcourse I would. He then settled on
lying down.So I unbuttoned his shirt kissing the smoth tan skin each and every time more
was revealed. When his shirt was completely undone I sucked on his nipple
bitting them gently. I kissed down his chest licking down his sixpack abs and
to the treasure trail. I unbuckled his belt and button his tight fitting blue
jeans. Then I used my teeth to pull the zipper down. As the zipper went down
I felt his now hard erection bounce off Preteen Toplist Xxx
my face as I passed down right to his
balls. When his pants where unzipped I pulled them off. He asked if I would
lick his ass because he’s never had that done. So I flipped him over on to
his stomach and kneaded the mounds attached to his back then slowly I pulled
his tight fitting black breifs down. I licked and kissed his ass and then
stuck my tounge into his asscrack and roughly poked it into his hole. This
mad him scream with pleasure. Then I countinued to rim him as my hands
wondered all over his built chest pulling at his nipples cupping his balls
and yanking Preteen Toplist Xxx at his big cock. Then he decided that it was time to get down to
business and flipped back over. I went up and kissed him harsly exploring his
mouth with my tounge. Then I kissed my way down his chest licking and kissing
his chest and his stomach and finally his treasure trail once again. But this
time I went right to business I took both balls in my mouth sucking on them
like an ice cude. Then I licked his cock right up to the huge mushroom head
and put as much of it as I could in my mouth. I sucked the 9″ inch cock like
popcile on a hot july day. I licked his shaft as I would go back up and then
suck down to the base again. As I was doing this one hand was on his balls
dangling them in my fingers as the other hand roamed his chest. As he came
closer and closer he grabbed my head and started to face fuck me screaming
loads of hot man juice into my awaiting mouth. I inhauled all of it except a
few drops that feel on his stomache and I licked up.When he was done, Josh said, “Good job now we see how good you are and
prices might rise. Men get ready because it looks like this could be a wild

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